The Perfect Sleep Companion Comfortable Sleep Goggles For Travel Or Home

The Perfect Sleep Companion Comfortable Sleep Goggles For Travel Or Home

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Product Description

Day and night light blocking: This sleeping mask is ergonomically designed to perfectly match noses of any height, effectively blocking all side light, thereby creating a completely dark sleeping environment, allowing you to get good sleep without being unnecessarily Light interferes wherever and whenever.
Sleeping Mask: Our sleeping eye mask is made of natural hypoallergenic material, has natural, anti-fading, anti-mite and antibacterial properties, and is very durable. Recommended by dermatologists, plastic surgeons and beauty experts, made of cotton, non-toxic dyes, soft and most elegant.
Comfortable and durable: Our shutters are extremely soft to the touch and comfortable to wear all night. Lightweight, breathable materials and smooth fabrics let you release facial pressure and help you fall asleep quickly. This sleep mask is adjustable in length and fits perfectly to each head without tangling your hair or straining you.
Ergonomic design: Our “nasal wing” design cotton sleeping mask is ergonomic and is very suitable for the nose of the person. It can fit the side of the nose, prevent outside light from entering, and put zero pressure on the cheek to block all Unwanted light makes you feel at ease when you want to sleep anytime, anywhere.

Perfect sleep companion: Our night vision goggles are equipped with a carrying bag. Best for business travellers, backpackers or people working night shifts. Suitable for use at home as well as for side or abdominal sleepers.