Plant Essential Oils Water Soluble lubrication oil

Plant Essential Oils Water Soluble lubrication oil



Product Description

healthy life !

First-time users, do not be greedy, gently spray wet can, believe in yourself, will make you satisfied with your sex life.
Effect: * Treatment of penis, let penis longer, stronger, thicker and extend the time for sex.
* Plant essential oil, mild and not irritating.
* Improve sexual desire and promote sexual harmony.
* Stimulate sexual desire, gain more orgasms, and enjoy the pleasure brought about by sex.
* Increase male self-confidence and be a stronger, more mature and sexy man.

Project type: Penis massage and maintenance
Net weight: 10ML
Shelf life: three years
Efficacy: kidney strong kidney, maintain penis, increase endurance, anti-fatigue, massage makes the sponge larger
Ingredient: Schisandra, clove, Okra, Cistanche, Benzalkonium bromide,

1: Use 5-10 minutes in advance:
2: The first use according to the individual, choose the dose
3: Be careful not to spray into the urethra
4: Uniform mold opening

NOTE: 2 bottles a course of treatment, keep using and don't lose confidence please, you will have a satisfying sex life.

Package Included:
1xSpray or 2xSpray