Nail Art Set Acrylic Liquid Powder Dust Pen Glass Dish Tools Kit

Nail Art Set Acrylic Liquid Powder Dust Pen Glass Dish Tools Kit



Product Description

Bullet Point:
This is designed for manicure use.
It is easy to operate.
For professional salon use.
Can be a great item.

Instructions for use:
1. Reconcile with crystal powder, you can make a pretty shiny crystal armor; with the pollen powder, you can make a very beautiful 3D carved.
2. Professional crystal set, this set is designed for sticky big diamonds, alloy ornaments, zircon jewelry, and opposite-sole keen bottom drills.
3. Pour the crystal liquid into the glass solution cup, and apply a small amount of solvent to the nail brush. (If it is too much, it can be filtered on the cup edge or the solvent drop cup.) Use the crystal tip of the crystal liquid and take the appropriate amount. The crystal powder, using a mixture of crystal liquid and crystal powder to form a crystal fat ball at the tip of the pen, put the ball on the nail and shape it with a pen. Can be used as crystal armor and crystal engraving.

Package Included:
Type A:
3Pcs Nail Crystal Powder
Type B:
Only One Bottle of Crystal Liquid (120ml)
Type C:
Crystal Liquid (120ml) * 1
Clear Crystal Powder * 1
Pink Crystal Powder * 1
White Crystal Powder * 1
Brush * 1
Crystal cup * 1
3D Acrylic Mold * 1