Mini 8/16/32GB Recording Device Voice Activated Recorder Mini Magnetic Audio MP3

Mini 8/16/32GB Recording Device Voice Activated Recorder Mini Magnetic Audio MP3



Product Description

-Small Size: It is portable,can hang on bag and belt.
-Service time:Powerful battery is equipped with built-in large-capacity polymer lithium battery, which can record for 32 hours continuously and play for 8 hours continuously, and standby for 60 days.
-Recording encryption:It can only as a MP3 if it is not operated by yourself. Other people cannot listen the record details.
-Automatic power saving:When the system detects low power,it will automatically saves the file and then shuts down to ensure that the recording data is not lost.
-Far distance recording:60 meters far distance recording,use intelligent recording chip to enhance recording distance,can collect real voices as effectively.
– Professional noise reduction and zero noise.

Package Included:
1 X Digital Voice Recorder
1 X USB Cable
1 X Earphone

Product color: Smoke Grey
Memory capacity: 8/16/32GB
Recording Format: WAV
Music Format :MP3/ WMA /WAV
Recording time: 32 hours continuous recording
Recording method: One-click recording
Recording distance: Far distance recording
Microphone: Built-in HD microphone
Recording Sampling Rate :48kHz
Default Bit Rate :192KBPS
Battery: Built in lithium battery
8GB storing recording file for 96 hours
16GB storing recording file for 192 hours
32GB storing recording file for 384 hours

¢ñRecord / Save
Do not plug in earphone, long press M Key, then the red indicator light is bright always, and then the red light goes out to start recording after flashing 3 times.
At the end of the recording, press M Key again, after the blue light flashes 3 times , the recording is saved and the product is power-off.
* Attention: The recording process is silent and without light. Don’t connect to the computer, or you’l ose the recording file.
Check if the machine is in the recording state. In any case, click M Key and the red light flashes which proves the machine is in recording.
¢ò MP3 Play / Recording Play
Play: Plug in the earphone, and long press M Key untle the blue light is bright, then the machine is power on to play MP3 automatically.
In the process of play, long press Play / Pause key on the wired earphone (such as the position key shown in the picture above) until the purple light flashes, then it makes the music play / recording play switching.(The MP3 playing shows a blue light with slow flash while the recording playing shows a red light with slow flash.)
* Notice 1: There is a card slot in the earphone jack of the voice recorder. When the earphone is connected to the voice recorder, it must be inserted in place
* Notice 2: Plug in the earphone and turn on the product to play MP3 or the recording. If the red and blue lights flash alternately, it means there is no MP3 songs or recording file.
¢ó Volume Adjustment / Track Switching
1. During the music playing / recording playing ,long press ‘+’/ ‘-‘ key (The purple light flashes fastly.) to increase or decrease the volume.
2. During the music playing /recording playing, click ‘+’/ ‘ key to switch the tracks.
IV Play/ Pause /Fast Forward/ Fast Backward
Play / Pause: When playing the music/ recording, you can click Play / Pause key and enter the pause state. (The purple light is always on at this time.) Click again to return to the play state.
Fast Forward / Fast Backward : When playing the music/ recording, you can click Play / Pause key and enter the pause state. Then long press key to fast forward (The purple light flashes fastly) , and long press ‘+’ key to fast backward. ( The purple light flashes fastly)
Note: The machine shuts down automatically after 3 minutes without no operation in the pause state.
V Time Synchronization
When the machine is off, insert the data line into the computer to find the disk, open the time synchronization tool, click OK, and then disconnect the data line. Time synchronization is completed at this time.
¢ö Charging
Connect the computer or power adapter with a data line. The red light flashes slowly and the blue light is long bright after filling. It can continue to charge for an additional hour after the blue light lights, and the electricity will be more abundant (When turn on the product, the red light flashes shortly or does not light, which ndicates that the battery is dead and needs to be charged to work at this time.)
Note: If you need the voice recorder to charge or as a U disk use, it is best in the state of shutdown before operatation.
¢÷ Connecting to PC
Because of the different compatibility of the computer operating system and in order to transmit the data better, when connecting to PC, please connect the voice recorder hrough the data line, and then connect to PC through the USB plug.