Hand Held Sewing Machine Singer Portable Stitch Sew Quick Handy Cordless

Hand Held Sewing Machine Singer Portable Stitch Sew Quick Handy Cordless



Product Description

Bullet points:
Suitable for almost all fabrics ‘Ü1.8mm. Ideal for sewing and repairing curtains, bags, pants, shirts, T-shirts, jeans and making your own handicrafts, etc.
The clothes, trousers, skirts etc. that are worn on the body suddenly take off the thread, and the machine can be sewn very easily without taking off.
It can develop children’s work habits and training sewing skills.
It can be used after the thread is installed, automatic intelligent sewing, faster and easier than using a needle, saving you time and money.
It is compact, lightweight, easy to use and carry, and is an ideal choice for fast maintenance.

Material: Metal
Pattern Style: Solid
Design: portable

How to use:
How to use:
1. Install 4 AA batteries.
2. Grasp the machine with your right hand and place The thumb is naturally placed on the top, with other fingers supported on the bottom.
3. Refer to the image for the threading direction.
4. Placement of cloth: Raise the pressure plate, then place the prepared fabric under it, and gently lower the pressure plate to squeeze the fabric.
5. Sewing operation: Hold the fabric with your left hand, and the cloth feeding mechanism automatically sends out the sewn fabric. Move the machine to the right, and move the fabric to the left accordingly.
6. The machine can automatically let in the fabric and adjust the stitch tension.
7. Replace the bobbin: Loosen the bobbin, then remove the bobbin, insert the elongated shaft onto the bobbin shaft, then slide the spool in, and secure the spool with the spool cover.
8. Replace the needle: Loosen the screw and remove the broken needle, then install a new needle.

Note: The thickness of the sewing is 1.8MM, and materials that are too large, too hard or too soft cannot be sewn.

The packaging includes:
1 * handheld sewing machine(excluding battery)
1 * sewing kit